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Thank you for your interest in joining our Leadership NoVA faculty. We bring together our community's "do-ers" - entrepreneurs, administrators, small business leaders, executives, non-profit directors, government officials, club advisors and organizational leaders - to connect with each other and to share their experiences with leadership, project management, and communication with the leaders of tomorrow.

The first step with our faculty members is to complete a short interview about the projects you manage/have managed, lessons learned in managing projects, and ideas and resources that have influenced your development.

Once completed, you will be added to our directory and your interview will be made available to other faculty and our student leaders.

Share Your Experience

After submitting the form, you will receive a link to complete the Faculty intake interview and be added to our Faculty directory. You will also have the opportunity to nominate students from your affiliate schools/organizations who have leadership potential to participate in our 2019 Leadership NoVA class.


Networking and Idea Sharing to Support Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Our community already is a laboratory of leadership, project management, and entrepreneurship. Our network of community and business leaders share their experiences and lessons learned with our student membership to help excite, inspire, and develop their leadership abilities.

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Meet the Leadership NoVA Faculty

Our network of community, business, and educational leaders share their knowledge, experience, and connections to elevate and enrich the leaders of tomorrow.

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